The ideas for miracleprayer.org will take some time to develop as much time, thought and prayers will be needed. If it turns out that the Good Lord just wanted some things to be preserved then so be it. All glory and honor belongs to God.

This site is inspired by hope, repentance, God's grace, and all those who daily devote themselves to praying for others.
Especially Fr. Peter Mary Rookey O.S.M. who was no doubt a living Saint.

His words "I just pray, it is God that does the healing." are remembered by many.

 For those who do not know or remember, here is a quote...


A Message from Fr. Rookey

Put out into the deep, and lower your nets. . . When they had done so, they enclosed a great number of fishes. . . . All were amazed. . . Henceforth thou shalt catch men. (Lk 5).  As we now embark on our new venture with the INTER-NET we are reminded of another Peter, and his above experience with another kind of NET, which was to herald his mission to catch many men for Christ. As we too put out into the deep with this website, our humble and fervent prayer is that Jesus will use it to mercifully net many precious souls for his heavenly kingdom. We also pray that the Lord will bless all of you and your dear ones with his gentle, gracious touch, and grant you that peace and joy which He alone can give.

God love you,

Fr. Peter, OSM


The above message was on the main page of his (ICM) website which was filled with many prayer requests, messages of thanks giving, testimonials of healing and most of all... Faith, hope and love.

If you wish to make donations to legitimate causes associated with and dear to Fr. Peter Mary Rookey O.S.M. links are provided here and here.